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3 Tips for Selecting the Right Timber Products in Melbourne

Timber Products in Melbourne
Believe it or not there are countless timber shops in Melbourne, and Australia servicing the ever-growing building industry. Many timber shops specialise in particular timber products for sale throughout Australia. With instant access to hundreds of timber shops in Australia via online research, you will be able to research a timber suppliers’ background, experience and product range which will help in deciding where to buy your timber products from when you are ready.

The most important things to keep in mind when searching for a good timber shop in Melbourne or any other Australian city are;

1. The size of your project
Some timber product suppliers will have minimum order requirements, which may not suit your upcoming project or budget.

2. Timeframe
When dealing with timber shops and product suppliers in Melbourne and other cities, communicating your timeframe for order pick up or delivery is crucial. Their product turnaround time should be one of the first questions you ask the timber product supplier so you can schedule your workload accordingly.

3. Product type 
Once you have shortlisted a few timber shops which appear to have the product you are seeking, it is best to contact them by email or phone to confirm that this product is ideal for your building purpose. A knowledgeable timber supplier may be able to offer valuable advice or options you might not have considered to enhance your project in the long run.

Australian Treated Pine has helped thousands of tradesmen fill orders quickly and with premium timber products for a better outcome. Located in Melbourne, the team at A T Pine are always happy to discuss your needs by phone or email. Get in touch today at 03 9305-2000.

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Searching for Quality Timber Supplies this Spring?

Timber Supply Melbourne
Spring is very active month for builders, and timber supplies in Melbourne are highly sought after for all types of projects at this time of year. From DIY home improvers to residential and commercial builders, having a reliable Melbourne timber supplier can have a positive impact on the project you are planning for a variety of reasons.

A reliable Melbourne timber supplier will be able to fill custom orders for your timber supply needs. Whether you are looking for sawn and dressed timber, timber decking, fencing products, garden sleepers or any other timber products cut to size, using a trustworthy treated timber supplier will mean that you will receive a complete quality order tailored to suit your exact needs.

Another advantage of using a reputable timber product supplier in Melbourne, is that their knowledge and precision when it comes to cutting and filling orders correctly, will ensure efficiency and accuracy. Sticking to schedule is a very important element of any project, so it is best to engage with a timber supplies company in Melbourne who is highly experienced as it will save you time in the long run.

There is no better start to a building project than having quality supplies at the ready, so when it comes to ordering timber in Melbourne, it is recommended to use those who know timber supplies best.

Australian Treated Pine has been servicing Melbourne builders, councils, individuals and corporations since the 1980’s. They are the timber supply experts in Melbourne for projects of any size.

Contact their customer service team today for advice and assistance regarding your Spring project.

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