Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Benefits of Treated Pine Sleepers

Treated Pine Sleepers
Treated Pine Sleepers
Treated Pine Sleepers are a staple item in the world of landscaping and construction. Since early times, Treated Pine Sleepers have been used to create many different parts of our infrastructure, from park benches to railroad tracks. They have even been used for decking treated pine. If you are looking for a timber for the purposes of landscaping and building, look no further than Treated Pine Sleepers. Below, we have listed just some of the greatest benefits of Treated Pine Sleepers.


Treated Pine Sleepers are extremely diverse in their abilities and uses. Not only are they suitable for putting up retaining walls and benches, they can be used for all sort of creative purposes, such as garden stairs, playground equipment, and feature pieces.


Given their versatility, Treated Pine Sleepers are extremely cost effective. In comparison to other timber items, they are low costing, and therefore, most people can afford to buy large quantities and get the most for their money.


Treated Pine Sleepers are generally treated by ACQ, which means that they are both durable, and resistant to termites. This resistance to the conditions means that you will be getting a long life out of each Treated Pine Sleeper you purchase and make use of.


Being such a common item, treated pine sleepers are now available in many different shapes and sizes, to fit your requirements. You can get a range of different size options and rest assured that you can find a Sleeper that is right for your project.

For more information on Treated Pine Sleepers, we recommend getting in touch with the experts at Australian Treated Pine. Their friendly and knowledgeable team have been supplying timber to the Australian trade and service industry for over 25 years. Call 03 9305 2000.

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  1. Really informative list about treated pine sleepers. I really appreciate for this work. Keep Sharing with us!

  2. There really are a lot of benefits to using treated pine that many homeowners do not take into consideration. One of the big ones, as is pointed out, is the fact that they are quite durable. Because of the way pine is treated it becomes very hard to break, making it ideal for use in floors and walls.