Sunday, 8 January 2017

Selecting the Right Timber Finish for the Job

Rougher Header Timber

When it comes to choosing timber for your next project, you have three surface finishes to select from; Sawn Timber, Rougher Header, and Dressed Timber.

Before making the decision, it is handy to know the differences between each timber, and the unique look they each provide.

Sawn Timber
Cut from logs, Sawn Timber is the most rustic and raw looking of all timbers. The process of manufacturing this timber is quite sustainable and efficient. Basically, the timber is cut fresh from the saw and ready to use. Sawn Timber is cost-effective and immediately paintable, without further treatment. The most common uses for this timber include solid timber beams and rectangular timber sections.

Rougher Header
Smoother than Sawn Timber, yet more textured than Dressed Timber; Rougher Header is a timber that has been machined with serrated knives to a specific gauge size. Commonly used in outdoor areas, pergolas, and for building decks, Rougher Header is dried to minimise shrinkage and instability, and can be cut to exact specification, within millimetres.

Dressed Timber
Dressed Timber is known in the industry as the premium in timber finishes. Dressed Timber is a timber that has been dressed on all sides, resulting in a silky smooth finish. A dream to apply coatings to. Dressed Timber is ideal for highly visible external applications, as it provides a well finished and attractive look.

If you are looking for more advice or to simply source some timber, there are a number of great companies specialising in Timber in Melbourne. One such company is Australian Treated Pine. Australian Treated Pine is an organisation with a friendly and experienced team, who are veterans in servicing Melbourne’s timber and trade needs. Contact them today.

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