Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What is Rough Sawn Timber?

Rough Sawn Timber
Rough Sawn Timber Melbourne
Rough sawn timber, sometimes known simply as sawn timber, is a popular choice for many tradesman and handymen alike. The most rustic of timber finishes, rough sawn timber is a timber that has not been treated or dressed after being cut. It has quite a ‘rough’ finish, as the name suggest.

Ideal for solid timber beams and rectangular timber sections, rough sawn timber is a solid timber that can be painted without any more treatment. It is also commonly used for building, fencing, and outdoor areas. Proving to be extremely versatile in nature, rough sawn timber comes in many different sizes and is easily adaptable to most project types. As the wood hasn't been treated, it is essentially a blank canvas to be dressed in any way you require, if dressing is necessary.

If you are looking for something a little more polished, or completely smooth, some alternatives to rough sawn timber are rougher header and dressed timber. Rougher header is more finished than rough sawn timber, but still more raw than dressed timber. Dressed timber on the other hand is quite the premium in finishes. It is completely polished and great for applications where aesthetics matter.

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