Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Calculating How Much Decking In Melbourne You Will Need to Build Your Deck

timber decking in Melbourne
When it comes to building a deck for your yard, you will probably want to source the highest quality cheap timber decking in Melbourne. Marrying durable decking with the greatest bang for your buck is definitely a winning combination. Once you have decided which material you are going to use to build your deck, you will need to calculate the quantity you require to get the job done. There is a precise method that you can use to determine the right amount of material you will need.

Begin by working out the size of your prospective deck in square metres. The best way to do this is by taking the length and width of the area, and timesing them into each other. For example, if your deck is 10 metres long and 8 metres wide, you will calculate 10m x 8m, which equals 80m—your metres squared.

10m x 8m = 80m2

Next you will need to determine how many lineal metres you will require. Take the figure you calculated for you metres square and divide is by the width of the decking boards. It is good practice to add a 5mm gap between the decking boards, and into your equation. If your board is 92mm wide, add 5mm to that, which would equal 97mm (0.097 for calculation purposes). So you would now calculate 80 divided 0.097, which would equal 824.75 (825 linear metres.)

92mm + 5mm = 97mm = 0.097

80mm / 0.097 = 824,75 or 825 LM

Now add 10% for wastage by calculation 825 x 1.1, and you have your required quantity of decking for your project— 908 Linear Metres,

825 x 1.1 -= 908 LM

If you are wondering where to source the decking material for your deck from, we would recommend an experienced and dedicated timber company, such as Australian Treated Pine. Call 03 9305-2000 today!

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