Monday, 3 April 2017

Some Great Uses for Treated Pine Sleepers in Melbourne, Australia

Treated Pine Sleepers in Melbourne

We, in Australia, have a great range of timber to select from. Being a wood dense continent, we have the endless outback and an array of vast bush ranges that are diverse, beautiful, and unique in nature. Throughout history, we have found many great uses for timber, from constructing the framework of our architectural and infrastructural make-up as we know it today, to crafting instruments and furniture. One area in which timber has been especially prominent in Australia is landscaping. Along with fence palings and decking boards, treated pine sleepers in Melbourne have proven to be a staple in yards across the country.

Treated pine sleepers are really versatile in application. They can be used for a variety of tasks and installations, including greenhouses, garden and patio furniture, farm buildings, playground equipment, retaining walls, exterior wall cladding, and edging for veggie patches.

Along with serving multiple purposes, treated pine sleepers are also cost-effective and readily available in Melbourne. A company like Australian Treated Pine stocks high quality sleepers at fantastic prices. They have been experts in the timber industry for over 30 years and are renowned for having a friendly and extremely knowledgeable team. Contact them today on 03 9305 2000.

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