Thursday, 15 June 2017

What Does Timber Decking Cost in Melbourne?

Timber decking in Melbourne
Timber decking in Melbourne
Timber decking in Melbourne is a great addition to almost any yard. Not only does it create more useable space on your property, but creates an environment that allows you to easily experience the outdoors more regularly. Entertaining friends and family becomes a breeze, and you even get the opportunity to unwind under the sun, in an atmosphere that you can be proud of. In saying that, there are two main types of timber decking that you can select from, and they vary in price based on your requirements. Cheap timber decking in Melbourne is definitely available.

Extremely durable and attractive, merbau timber is the first option for decking. It reddens over time and deepens beautifully with age. Despite being a hardwood, it is extremely pleasurable to work with, cutting, cleaning, and fastening easily. At Australian Treated Pine, It is also only available in an ACQ finish—which is great as that is the safest and most organic treatment available. Australian Treated Pine supply merbau decking from $3.47 for 70x19mm in a 0.900m length. A 90x19mm, 2.4m length cut will set you back around $10.80.

The other option is treated pine. It is the cheaper of the two and still provides adequate durability. It is decay and termite resistant, and can be painted or stained to match any colour scheme. At Australian Treated Pine it is also only available in an ACQ treatment. A 70x22mm, 0.900m cut of treated pine decking will cost you $1.98 at Australian Treated pine, while a 90x22mm, 2.4m cut is priced at $5.88.

As you can see, decking is quite affordable and has many benefits. If you would like to invest in a deck for your yard, or simply want more information, contact Australian Treated Pine on 03 9305 2000.

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