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Where to Buy Rough Sawn Timber in Melbourne?

Where to Buy Rough Sawn Timber in Melbourne?
Rough sawn timber has increased in popularity in recent years, due to its cost efficiency and the demand for a more rustic and industrial look in businesses and furniture around the city. Traditionally, this timber was only really used in settings that were more discreet and didn't need to be aesthetically perfect. There were other timbers, such as dried laser pine and dried dressed timber for those purposes. The differences in these timbers lies in the way they are finished, and you basically would make your decision based on your personal requirements. There are a few reputable sawn timber suppliers in Melbourne.

Rough sawn timber is a timber that is sawn and dried before it is treated. It is definitely the most raw looking of all timber finishes and works great as solid timber beams and rectangular timber sections. Lately, however, there is a demand for this kind of timber to be used in modern cafes and in furniture, which is great for economy, and looks fantastic.

Dried laser pine is finished smoother than rough sawn timber and is dried after treatment to reduce shrinkage. It can be cut precisely to requirement, within millimeters. It is easier to paint and historically used in decking, outdoor areas, and pergolas.

Finally, dried dressed timber is a timber that has been fully dressed all around. It is the smoothest of all finishes and too can be machined to exact specification, within millimeters. It is definitely a beautiful looking finish, and is really suited to where polished aesthetics are required.

As for where to source your timber from, we recommend Australian Treated Pine. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, they are the experts in the business. Contact them today on 03 9305 2000 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable member of the team.

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