Sunday, 13 November 2016

Does Your Timber Shop Tick the Boxes?

Timber Shop Melbourne
Timber Shop Melbourne

From small family run businesses to large franchise stores, Melbourne has a huge range of timber shops to consider when looking to purchase timber supplies. Of course, finding the right timber shop for your upcoming project in Melbourne is an essential part of achieving an optimal outcome.

The 3 most important considerations for choosing a timber shop are;

Product Range and Quality 
With plenty of timber products available in Melbourne, every timber shop differs with regards to their range and quality of products. Depending on your project, the quality and type of wood you choose will make a significant difference to the look and feel of the finished project. Whether it is timber for decking, framing, verandas, posts, gardens, fences, weather boards, flooring or other purposes, it is recommended to buy a high-quality timber in the right range.

Industry Experience and Advice
Throughout Melbourne there are some timber shops which have existed for many years. Those timber shops with decades of experience in treated and trading timber are sure to have valuable industry knowledge and experience which can benefit your project immensely. It is recommended to ask for advice from professionals at reputable timber shops when looking to fill your order. They may suggest a new or cost-effective product option which you or your builder or tradespeople had not previously considered.

Order Turnaround Time
The more professional timber shops in Melbourne will be aware of the strict schedules which come with both small and large scale builds and upgrades. It is worth discussing your schedule requirements early on with the timber shop you are dealing with to avoid any setbacks or disappointment

If you are looking to deal with a top timber shop in Melbourne which can offer advice, quality, great prices and reliable service, speak to Australian Treated Pine today.

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